I Teach Belly Dance, Belly Dancing, Redmond, Wa
About Alexandra
Alexandra is the founder/leader/choreographer of Troupes Arabesque, Basheera and Rakshanda who perform throughout the Northwest.  She also is the producer for and performer in the “Learn to Belly Dance with Alexandra – Basic Moves and Combinations” DVD.   Alexandra is one of the top performers and instructors in the Seattle area.  She has 25 years performance and 21 years teaching experience.  Alexandra is easy to learn from because she breaks movements down into understandable pieces.  Her teaching style is upbeat and lively.  She’s a popular instructor because she is able to teach: layered steps; stage use, presentation and projection; and fun, unique choreographies. 

Dara (new student)
Thank you!! That was so much FUN last night! See you next Thursday!
Jessica K.
Of all the classes I've been to, Alex's classes are the best! The troupe feels like an extended family and everyone is encouraged to express themselves creatively.
Katie B.
Alexandra is a great instructor! She can break down the moves in easy to understand ways and is approachable and friendly. She is interactive and will help individuals often by addressing the group and not singling people out. It can only make everyone better! Her routines are fun and the music she chooses is great. With her instruction I quickly moved from the beginner to the advanced class, and did my first live performance in under a year and my first solo a few months later! I never expected to be performing so fast! I can't recommend Alexandra highly enough!
Katie C.
"It was great to finally meet you! I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my first belly dance class. I've played around with DVDs before, but this was a completely different experience- very fun! My friends are all saying great things about it too- (Name removed) tells me she already signed up for the intermediate series as well! Anyway- you're really fun and a great teacher, your dancing is awesome, and I'm looking forward to continuing!"
Tina P.
Alexandra is an absolutely incredible dancer & teacher. She teaches awesome choreographies by breaking down the steps & adding layers in easy to follow, fun, upbeat style. I am honored to be her friend & student!
Victoria F.
Alex is a fun and lively teacher. She breaks down the steps into easily understood components; as well as having a fun, new choreography each session.