I Teach Belly Dance, Belly Dancing, Redmond, Wa
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Intermediate/ Advanced Belly Dancing
In the intermediate/advanced class we practice advanced isolations, combos and learn a routine over the course of the session. Intermediate students interested will perform the year's routines (troupe name Rakshanda!) at the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival in West Seattle in July.
Dance Troupe
Intermediate/ Advanced students interested will perform the year's routines with troupe Rakshanda at the Mediterranean Fantasy Festival in West Seattle. Look for Rakshanda on Facebook!
What do I Wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that you would normally exercise in. Skirts are generally not good; unitards, yoga clothes, etc. are very good. If you have a hip scarf and dance shoes, bring them, however, neither are necessary. I also sell hip scarves in class and some music.
Belly Dancing for Beginners
In the hour-long beginning class we start with stretching, then go into isolations where we practice moving certain parts of our bodies without moving others (hip circles, rib cage circles, hip slides, shoulders, snaky arms, etc.) - then basic moves and combinations. Then we work on a routine, that we add on to every week, so that by the end of the 8 week session you have a complete routine that you can practice at home or show to your family and friends. It is a very upbeat class - lots of fun!!!
Student Katie B. says...

Alexandra is a great instructor!  She can break down the moves in easy to understand ways and is approachable and friendly.  She is interactive and will help individuals often by addressing the group and not singling people out.  It can only make everyone better!  Her routines are fun and the music she chooses is great.  With her instruction I quickly moved from the beginner to the advanced class, and did my first live performance in under a year and my first solo a few months later!  I never expected to be performing so fast!  I can't recommend Alexandra highly enough!
Signing Up and Getting There
All you have to do is pre register with and email saying you are in, and show up to 15 minutes early to the first class to register with Alexandra and pay.